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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Tests and Projects

With semester tests coming up, I should probably start studying. We have semester tests on Wednesday and Thursday of next week. Some teachers have given us projects instead of tests, while others have stuck to having tests. In biology, we will be having a test, and that is probably the one I am most nervous about. I have already started my spanish project and I think that it is going good. I really like this project because it is about our life. For algebra, we are taking a test and I'm not too worried about it. My comp/speech class is doing a persuasive speech on a topic of our choice. I will present mine next Monday about the smoking ban in South Dakota. I have also started my personal finance project. We had to create a business and answer a bunch of questions about it. We are also doing a little test on the designated day for it. For my journalism class, we are adding more stories to our portfolio and writing a little story.

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