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Tuesday, May 10, 2011


    This week I have already read a book. It took me about a day to read. The tittle of the book is The War Of Gifts. It is a book by Orson Scott Card. It's a book from the Ender's Series but it doesn't really follow a story line. It seems to fit in with mid Ender's Game. I like this book because it focusses on the ideology of the story in the first book. It goes on and talks about Dink Meeker's views, and This other kid Zeck Morgan. Dink Meeker in the first book is this kid that is head of his toon. A toon is like a sector of an army. These kids are in Battle school to learn to protect the world from these Aliens called the buggers. Anyway Dink is from Holland, and Zeck is this kid who from a Mormon family. Zeck in most of the book is upset, and protest the views of the battle school. Ender comes in and shows Zeck that no one is perfect even Zeck's father, Habit Morgan. In the end Zeck comes to a realization, and he realizes that his father and his examples of life isn't the way he should live, and he begins to work with everyone again.

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