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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Run Fast and Turn Left

Track is almost over for this season, and it seems that the weather is finally starting to cooperate. Yesterday, we had our LCC track meet. This acronym stands for Lake Central Conference. The teams that I remember are: DeSmet, Sioux Valley, Hamlin, Howard, Clark-Willow Lake, Flandreau, and Deuel. There were eight teams, but I unfortunately don't remember the eighth team.
We got to the track and set up our tarp to sit on and then had about an hour until the actual track meet started. I do believe it was one of the hottest days that we have had yet, and sunscreen was for sure needed. The first event that I did was high jump, along with Heather and Lexi. It was on okay day, not my best. I wish I would have done better but Heather jumped the standard 4' 11'' to qualify her for the state track meet. The state track meet is going to be held the 27 and 28 in Madison for state A. The other events going on right at 2 were the throwing and long and triple jump for boys and girls. The boys high jump was after the girls. The first running event was the 800 meter relay. We did okay but I think we could do better. Granted, I wouldn't want to run that race, so I have can't really say anything about we run it. Next were the hurdles followed by the 100 meter dash. Meaghan Sievers qualified for state in the 100 at her first track meet of the season. She was not coming to track due to her qualifying for regional gymnastics and then western nationals, and I must say good job to her at both those meets. Those are the people who qualified yesterday and I honestly didn't watch much of the meet because I was trying to stay cool and not get majorly sunburned. With the heat and a little bit of wind, I do believe that our track did pretty well. Good job to everyone on the team.
After we were done with the meet we went to McDonalds in Brookings. That was for sure interesting. I couldn't get anything to eat because I didn't have any money, but that was alright. The bus ride back from Brookings felt really long, only cause I was tired and I am sure everyone else was too. The sun really takes the energy out of a person.

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