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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The Perfect Day

Well, today I will be talking about what happened yesterday. Yesterday was pre regions for golf. I would have to say that yesterday was the best day for golf and it was really fun. I thought that the meet went by really fast and it was a ton of fun. To start off the day it was really sunny and kinda to hot, but as the day went on the clouds came over and it was perfect. There was not a lot of windy which was really nice. Normally at the meets the Clark and Deuel girls get together and have a blast. Yesterday was full of stories. To start off, we pulled up next to the Clark short bus started yelling through the windows to eachother. Coach Lundberg was not embarrassed he is used to it. Normally a few of us get to golf together during the meets but that did not happen yesterday! After we all got in from golfing we got together and just hung out. After about two hours of waiting we got kind of bored and started pulling pranks on eachother. Jayda and I stole Chynna's phone and gave it to some random guy to make her go get it. After all that excitement we went to Taco Johns and ate then headed home. To top off the great day both Boys and Girls Deuel Golfers placed and we got first. I sang “I Hate This Part Right Here” on the way home. It was a fantastic day!!

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