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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Test it up

Semester test talk has come upon all of us this week, since we will be taking the test next week. The classes that I currently take are Biology, Spanish, Algebra II, Comp/Speech, Geography, and Journalism. In biology I actually am not sure exactly what kind of test we are taking but I am positive we are taking a test. I am guessing the test will be a lot like the last semester test we took. I would pray that the test would be less questions then the last one. I am going to prepare for this test by looking over everything we have done this whole semester. I am going to need to study hard because I know biology isn't my strong suit. There are many things we went through this semester, so remembering it all is going to be essential. The nest semester test I need to worry about is Spanish. We are doing a project that consists of making a multimedia presentation of ourselves. We have to do it all in Spanish and it will be due on the 25th. I have been working on it periodically for the last 4 weeks, and I feel it's really coming together nicely. The third subject is Algebra II. I am supposing we will be taking a test in this class, but we haven't talked about it too much, yet. This test preparation will consist of going back and looking at all the lessons we covered this semesters. It will mostly be memorizing how to do all the formulas and such and believing in myself that I will be able to do well on that test. The next project I have to hand in for semesters is my comp/speech project. For this project we are giving a persuasive speech about a topic of our choice. I chose to do my speech on organ donating. The speeches will be given on Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday (our test day). The speech is a lot of points and sure needs to be a good one. Since I am not the greatest at giving speeches it will really be a test on my nerves and my ability to handle the pressure to give a great speech. I also don't think it helps that I am the very last speaker on Thursday, not looking forward to it. The second to last classroom I will step foot into is the geography room. We are also doing a project in this class about a certain country. We have to use the five themes of geography (place, movement, environment, location, regions) to compare the USA to the country of our choice. There were about 26 countries for 24 students to choose from, I chose Iraq. This project is due by the end of our given test time next Thursday. The last thing I have to do for semesters is journalism. In journalism we have to put together a portfolio and write some sort of story. The portfolio is all of our stories have previously written and the story is up to us. I plan on preparing by just staying calm and not letting my want to do well get the best of me.

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