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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Semesters Are Here

Round two here we go! Semesters are back and bigger than ever. Next Wednesday and Thursday are the fun days of testing all day. If you fail this you fail your class and then would end up taking it next year. Then if you pass you will move on to the next level of that class. I have eight class periods each day. Two of them being a study hall, therefore no tests/projects for that. I have biology my second hour and that will be chapter 8 test and then the semester test. I personally don't think they are too hard. Next I have Algebra 2 and after that I have Spanish 2 but it is only a project so if I get that done before the day of testing I won't have to come in. For my comp/speech class I have to give a persuasive speech. I chose to do it the pros and cons with school uniforms in public schools. Then I have a test for personal finance and the kids last semester said it was not too bad so hopefully it won't be again. Finally I have the class I'm in now, Journalism. We have to add onto our portfolio with all the blogs, stories, and senior videos that we created this semester together. Then we also have to write a essay during the time we get on Thursday. There is what all I have to do for my semesters my sophomore year.

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