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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

State Golf!!

The season is now wrapped up and ended with a pretty good outcome. These past three days have been a blast but at the same time it was really stressful. State B golf for girls was held in Sioux Falls at Elmwood. The Boys state was in Hartford at that course. On sunday both the boys' and girls' headed to the courses to get a practice round in, while their we got about 12 holes done because it started down pooring on us and we decided to be done because we were not getting anything out of it. Then after we got done we went back to the hotel and hung out and got ready to go out to eat, all of us went out to eat as a group and had a delicious meal. While eating out I ordered some "hot" wings, but I did not mean to order them, so I tried them and my nose an eyes started watering so I could not finish them and Jayda and the guys were making fun of me. Then we went back to the hotel and got ready for the big day coming up!
ON monday morning we got up and went downstairs to have continental breakfast. It did not sit well with me at all at the meet. We golfed for the next 6-7 hours and met new people and had a blast making new friends. At the end of the day we were in first place by 2 strokes, which we were just excited to be at state, but being in first was fun! :) After we got done golfing we went to Scheels, my favorite store in the world! All of us girl and Mr. Zinter went there and got some new shorts. Then we ventured back to the hotel to go out to eat again at Johnny Carinos. After eating a delicious meal we went to the hotel to hang out with different teams at the hotel. We then decided we should eat again, even though we were not hungry, we went to Coldstones and got ice cream. We were waiting for Frizky to get back so we could go to the movie theature to play games, that was the best, we played some war games and just dance. After that we were all tired so we headed to bed. But there was just one problem Stacey and I got so sunburnt I slept with a cold towel on my head for awhile and Stacey slept on a chair with her face right next to the air conditioner.
The final day had came and we ate breakfast and headed to golf, I was the first one off this morning and I was really nervous. Today I did not golf very good but the team did pretty dang good and we ended up loosing by a few strokes and getting second. I think second is still amazing, and our guys got 3rd which is good to! All of us golfers had family there watching and it was a good weekend and we all had a blast.

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