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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Time to Make a Change!

I like what we do in the class but I think there are things we could do more of. I think using and focusing more on technology will really get the school and students more interested in what we are doing. All of the students are always on their computers e-mailing away and I think we could possibly do something with email. Students would be more tapped into what we do if we sent out a newspaper email to them like just the birdwatcher page to the high school and staff. There are many ways to improve our class using many ideas from students. We could even get a survey on what students what to hear about so we know they are interested in everything we are filming, creating, or writing about.

1 comment:

  1. Audience involvement—yes, yes, yes!


    1. Are students interested enough to respond to such a survey? Will a survey itself get them more interested?

    2. Are there other ways you can make non-journalism students active participants in producing your school newspaper and online news?

    3. Are students the only people you should survey? Could you get good story ideas from teachers, parents, community members at large? And could surveying those people create more interest in your news product among a broader audience?