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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Texting and Driving?

Think about it, do you text and drive? Many people do text and drive and it is not safe. This morning we had Miss South Dakota come talk to us after the mock-accident we had. I thought that she was a really good speaker. To start off the day both the middle and high school went to the gym for an assembly and most of us did not hear what the assembly would be about. Then the health council had a few students acting out the mock-accident. We all went outside to see what was going on and the mock accident was of a car hitting to students. After about five minutes of waiting the ambulances, cop cars, and fire trucks came and they acted out the whole thing. The ambulance came and took two students and rushed them to the hospital, and one passed away. But this was just an act to show what could happen if you text and drive. There are many different distractions that could bother you while driving but the main point that miss SD talked about was Texting and driving. She told us a story about her brother getting killed because of distractions. It was kind of hard because my cousin passed away in a car accident and it was hard to listen too. She was a really good speaker and made us realize that we should all stop being distracted and pay attention to what we are suppose to be doing, Driving. For the rest of the day some students are pulled out of class to have their face painted to represent all teenagers being killed in a car accident each day.

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