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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Ready for Next Year?

As my sophomore year at Deuel comes closer and closer to an end, I have mixed feelings about my junior year. I am glad that I will be done with some of my classes that I wasn't a huge fan of, but I will be sad to leave the ones that I really like. Next year, my class periods are going to be so much different than this year because we had to make adjustments to our schedules.
The classes that I am most excited to take is survival skills and pottery. I've heard that survival skills is a fun class to take. I really like taking art classes so I am glad that I got into pottery. I am not so enthused about having my homeroom fourth hour next year because in homeroom I usually eat my breakfast.
One thing that I am looking forward to for next year is sports. I hope that we can do very well and hopefully go to state. We accomplished big things this year in basketball and I hope to do the same next year. Next year I think I might try to go out for track, but who knows, I might end up being lazy again.

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