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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Junior Expectations

Sophomore year is ticking down! It is crazy how fast the past few years have went. I can not even remember freshman year, I feel like I have forgotten what happened last year, I can only remember middle school and sophomore year. This year has went by slow I feel like. We have had many great memories. The senior class will be missed greatly. It is going to be kinda weird next year the first few months of school without the seniors.
This school year was a fun year for me, I was constantly busy everyday this year. Many of my closest friends are seniors and it is going to be weird to be at school without seeing their faces everyday. I am really excited for next year tho. It is going to be really crazy to be a junior next year. I can not believe that all these years have gone by and we are almost done with school.
This summer will be a fun one I have a feeling. I will be going to all different sorts of camps and I will be going to the lake a ton this summer and hanging out with my cousins a lot more than I have in the past.
As the next school year rolls around I am pretty excited for my junior year. I am really happy with my schedule because I have an 8th hour study hall for at least half of the school year. It is only for half of the year because I will be taking pottery! The thing that I am most excited about it being able to get closer to being a senior. My class is fun and I feel like time is flying by.

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