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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

My Photography!

This image to the left is a picture of one of our slides in our school park. I remember always going down it when we were younger. Then when we got older we were "cool" enough to go down it standingup. I took this picture kind of for the heck of it, but it actually turned out decent. The rules it followed are pattern and texture. These rules are both apart of composition. The way itshows pattern is from on the edges of the slide,and how it's the same thing. Then there is texture, you should almost be able to see the texture of the rolls of the slide.

Now this picture is a picture of my little brother, Riley, having a little too much fun on his new birthday present. The first day he got it he put 46 miles on it. Pretty sure this and video games are his life. He rides it everyday after school. This picture falls under the rules of action and lighting. He is in front of the light, not behind. Plus you obviously can see the acti
on of the moment with the mud flying in the air and obviously riding a four wheeler is an action sport.

"My Big Rusty Tractor" Finally the picture to the right is my last picture that I picked that I think is my best out of my 12. This is a picture of my barn and a tractor that we have. I think the colors pop out very well and make the picture look more interesting, plus the trees in the background I think add more to it. I don't think it really has any rules that go with it, it just looked nice to me when I went outside. Both the barn and the tractor are fun things to take pictures on! Enjoy all the photos I posted. If you click on any of the photos they should get bigger to see them a little clearer and bigger.

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