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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Finally getting into the dissecting more!

In the 10th grade biology class they just got done with the chapter on worms and moving into more animals to dissect. In chapter 8 the class will be learning how the organs work and all the body parts located on or in an animal. Most of the class thinks its cool and not gross in any way. When some are not really liking it. Also, with the dissect you will be quizzed or the body parts inside the animal you are doing. If you get one thing wrong than you have to go back in and study longer. And at the end of the dissecting you end up cleaning up what you have made and than your finally done with that animal and many more you have to be ready for. The class will be dissecting from a worm to a craw fish,Star fish, grass hopper,and frog.

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