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Thursday, May 5, 2011

More tips for a better blog!

There are many blogs out there with with many tips and and many different ways they are put on there. So here is a couple more tips you can use when you blog for a company. Tip one: Always post a blog on a great site that always gets people to look at. This is a great tip because gets more people coming into the site and reading what your point of view is. Tip two: Add pictures onto the blog to let everyone see what you are talking about and getting a better picture at it. I think its a good thing to let pictures be on this because its nice to let them know. Tip three: Create the site with colors and make sure the reading is clear enough for the person to read. Why this should be on there is to let people look interested into reading it. Tip Four: have a comment place so people can tell you what you think about it. This is a great tip because they can have a opinion onto the blog. Tip Five: Update the sites more than once a month to two times a week. Great way to have people come in more often to see what you are making or doing in your company. Tip six: Link your blog to another blog to let people see more opinions in the blog. Tip six is a good way to let people know that blogging is fun and more interesting to see what people are doing in the world. Tip Seven: Have many different tittles and have them pop out more to get people into the site. Its better to have more and newer tittles on the blog instead of an older one. Tip Eight: Make the blog personal tell what you think and like about the thing you are talking about. I think this is a nice to let people get to know you more and not judge you on the way you blog. Tip Nine: Have fun with your blog make it your own. Nine is a wonderful tip because its neat to see what the people like and see the fun they are having with the blog. Tip Ten: Never overdue things. I think this is a great tip because when you blog about on project you should always just stay on that topic than move into a different one when you change it.

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