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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Better Business Blogs

Taylor and I came up with our best ideas for businesspeople to make their blogs as useful as possible and bring in customers. Stirring up interest for their product is the most important thing to remember while creating a blog representing their business.

1. Use language easy for everyday people to read.
-Don't use technical language that non-tech savvy people will understand.
2. Advertise of social networks.
-Provide appealing visual pictures to draw in customers.
3. Link blogs together.
-Have friends with blogs? Have them link to your blog to create more traffic.
4. Use creative headlines.
-Use easy words that will show up on search feeds.
5. Incorporate videos into your blog.
-Not everyone likes reading, visual information sticks.
6. Make sure the posts you write are longer than a Facebook status.
-Your information won't come across in 140 characters.
7. Don't talk to too much about the product, write about the experience.
-Make consumers feel like your product will be easily incorporated in their lives.
8. Use different formats to make your blog more appealing, not monotonous.
-Use different font styles and backgrounds to keep readers interested.
9. Include surveys and business statistics into your blog.
-Use real life information and reviews, so customers don't feel blindsided by product.
10. Give all business information out.
-Make yourself available for any comments, questions, and concerns from your customers.

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