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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Business blogs and the People

   Blogging is great for businesses. It helps that particular business get more revenue. I have some tips for the average business person. Tip one reach out to the reader. Don't be so technical. I know is the United States the average reading level is like 8th grade. Tip two, make sure people are able to post their own opinions on the blog. It adds personality and gives it more of a humanistic feel to the blog. The next tip, tip three, advertise on facebook and other sites. This will increase web traffic to your blog, and potentially lead to more sales in your business. Blog regularly, which is my next tip, tip four. People want to know about your product, and what is going on, so blog as much as possible. Give the reader something they can know you by. Come up with great eye catching tittles for each blog. I read political blog, and I know this one person that I read uses sensational writing styles for his blogs. It works for his, and I figure it can work for businesses. Something eye catching is important for a person. They don't want to read a blog that is like the others. That leads me to tip six. BE UNIQUE. Find your own way to write. Don't make it sound boring, but don't brag about said product. Write about experience. That links in with letting people put their own opinions on the blog. Take feed back. That is my next tip, tip seven. If someone has something that can make your writing better, or your company. Then listen people like to feel like they are important, and what's better then being allowed to give feedback on something that can be enjoyed by people everywhere! Listening is only a part of it, show pictures of the product. Give people a visual idea of your product. My next tip is tip nine. Don't be afraid to link to other blogs. Doing this in a positive way can create a mention from that other blog, which potentially give you more business sense. My final tip is don't compare to the competition A lot of times that can cause trouble, and extra trouble isn't always wanted. Be true your writing and be true to your product, and don't be deceiving are some words I can say before I go. Honesty is always best. Being real is alway best when it comes to the eye of the public.

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