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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Distractive Driving

Today at Deuel High there was a mock accident. Two innocent children were walking to school when two students were driving to school but were running a little late. The two students in the car both texted a friend to let them know that they were a little behind when they hit the two innocent children. The ambulance, fire department, and a cop all arrived on the scene. The driver of the car was questioned by the cop then hand cuffed and taken down town. The kids hit in the accident we taken by the ambulance to the hospital. One kid had head injuries and a broken leg but the other student died in the ER.

I thought that the mock accident was alright guess. I really don't the people that are "dead". My friend Karli Hintz was one of the people that "died" due to distracted driving. It really bugs me that she can't talk to me. I get the whole they are not talking because they are dead but if I have something serious that I need to talk to I can't because she "died". It really does kind of show how life you be like if they really did die but then again not really. They are still here and I can still see them so it wasn't really working for me. I loved when the the cop locked the cop car so he had to take the driver of the car to the other side to unlock the car and then put him in the car. I think that it took too long for the ambulance to arrive at the scene of the accident. Then I thought when the ambulance came people in the community would have thought that something really did happen. I really don't think that some people too the accident very serious at all. I think the next time they should make it a little more dramatic, maybe have someone die on the scene. I think that having a more crashed up car and bigger injuries. I didn't get to see the people and their wounds.

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