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Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Today Deuel High had an accident happen just on the West side of the building. Some kids were texting someone letting them know they were late for class and hit two other middle school students. Meaghan Sivers and Lance Eide were unfortunately hurt. Meaghan wasn't responding for awhile and actually died and Lance had a hard time getting up. The EMT, Clear Lake Fire Department and Deuel County Police Department came to the scene shortly after it happened. Anyone believe that this actually happened? Well thankfully none of this is true. Middle school and high school students at Deuel were all outside to witness a mock accident. We saw what would happen if someone actually got hit and were driving the car. Keith Konold, a sophomore, got arrested. Personally I thought it was way to acted out and fake. If you got hit by a car you would be a little ways away from the car that you got hit by. Lance and Meaghan were literally right next to the car. After the "accident" we went into the gym to get a talk about distracted driving with Miss South Dakota 2010, Loren Vaillancourt. She told her tragic story about her brother's death, which you can read more about on keloland. She had an great talk about everything that got many students crying and teary eyed. I think our school should of had the police department talk about what happens to you if you are the one who gets in an accident. Overall good assembly at Deuel!
Above is a picture of 2010 Miss South Dakota who only has a month left of having her crown. Today was her last assembly to schools as being Ms. SD.

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