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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mock Accident

Today we had a demonstration of a pretend car accident and it showed what happened in a real life situation. This is called a Mock Accident. This occurred outside of school with the high school and middle school. The accident was about two guys texting and hitting two kids on the street. The stuff that happened was what would probably actually happen but I think there could have been more to the situation to make it feel more intense and really draw people into the situation.
The speaker who came today talked a lot about the information and facts about distractions while driving and she hit an emotional point where that was interesting to here about and I also thought the video was interesting.
I would say this is a good idea to do in all schools at some point so people can be aware about the dangers of distractions on the road but I think some students didn't take it that serious but they would have if there was more to the accident.
To learn more about Mock Accidents click here to see.

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