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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mock Accident!

Today at Deuel High School we had a mock accident outside our school in which middle school and high school students attended. The mock accident revolved around texting and driving. Two students were driving to school and they were late for class so they texted friends to let them know. Mean while the student was distracted and hit two other students walking to school. The ambulance, fire trucks, and cop all arrived at the scene soon after everyone got out there. The ambulance took both students to the ER immediately. The one student "died" in the ER and the other student was alright with few injuries. The driver of the vehicle was questioned on the scene, handcuffed, and taken away. After the mock accident, Miss South Dakota did a speech on texting and driving. Along with all of that, students were taken out of class and had their face painted white to represent they "died" which follows the statistics of one teen dying every hour in South Dakota due to texting and driving.
I personally think that the mock accident wasn't as real or dramatic as it could have been. I think to make it better an actual car crash and having someone die in the car would have been better along with having the person or people's parents there. Another good addition would have been to have the coroner came with a body bag and everything.
This is an example of a different mock accident with the "dead" girl's mom and everything.

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