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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mock Accident Opinion

I thought for the most part the mock accident successful. As being part of the Health Council, I know it takes a lot of planning to put together a mock accident in an impacting way. You can't make it too gory in school, but usually that makes it more significant. I thought that having the ambulance and cop come made it real, and to hear the sirens was scary. The cop was really good at acting out what he does but I thought it was funny when he locked Keith and himself out of his cop car (oops). It was surreal that when the ambulance came the emt's were all the community members that you would actually see if you were in a local accident.

I thought Ms. South Dakota's speech was very heartfelt and real. She has went through a death caused from distracted driving so she could really explain the feeling of losing a loved one. I found the statistics very interesting.

I wish people would have taken it more seriously. People were laughing, making fun, and clapping when this was suppose to educational and a serious matter. This stuff actually happens to people, the senior class lost a classmate to a car accident. I just wish people would learn from this mock accident and actually change and make a difference rather than hiding their insecurities and immaturity behind laughter and jokes.

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