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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Mock Accident& Loren Vaillancourt & Distracted Driving

Today May 11th, 2011, Deuel School did a mock accident to show the dangers of driving while distracted. I like that they took the time to show what a real accident would look like if someone where to be driving and runs into some children crossing the street, but I was kinda more on the side of not really liking it. They didn't seem so prepared so it didn't impress me. Some of the things that I would've changed is have the ambulance and cops come right away instead of standing out there waiting for a while. Some other things that I would change is have more people involved or maybe actually have a car that is a little bit wrecked. When I first heard about that mock accident I pictured it being be interesting and more serious then just having two people in a car and two on the ground. They could've tried to make it more serious with more injuries, more damage, have the EMT's rushing, and also maybe have the funeral home man come if there was someone that was pronounced dead. The reason for that is so students and the community that is around watching would see how a real serious accident would actually happen.
After the mock accident Miss South Dakota, Loren Vaillancourt, came and shared a speech and a story from her past. The speech was about driving while distracted. In her speech she talked about all the different way that you can be distracted while driving. Texting while driving isn't the only way to be distracted, there are so many more ways! I was really surprised with some of the way that people get distracted while driving. I really do think that maybe some people that do of that stuff should take a minute to think of some of the things that are doing and what could happen because some of that isn't that important to do while you should be focusing on the road. I really do think that her speech was really touching and might have hit a few peoples minds to think because what they are doing when they are driving. When she told her story about her brother and what happened to him, I wanted to cry a little. That must have been hard and after hearing that I started to think about how some people that I know do text and drive and also do some other things that are distracting and how maybe they shouldn't because I want those people to be here for a long time. I wouldn't change anything about her speech and story, that part of the mock accident assembly was great. I do think that it was good for Loren to come in and talk about distracted driving!

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