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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Mock Accident Event

Today at Deuel School the student body had to go and watch a mock accident. It was over distracted driving and what happens to people. There where four students involved in it. A student was texting a friend at school tell them that he was going to be a little bit late and hit two students on the road. The two students that were hit where then taken to the hospital and one was pronounced dead when she got to the hospital. I thought this was a good thing to do before the speaker that we had at the school and to show what could happen to students.
The speaker that we had at the school today talked about distracted drivers. She talked to us about a personal experience she had. The story she told us was about her brother. He had just started a job in the wildlife industry and was going out with another person to count birds. They were stopped at a stop sign and must not have seen a semi-truck and they were in a accident. The family believes that the driver of the pickup was a distracted driver.
I thought this was a good things for the students to see and hear because it might have an impact on some of the student body.

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