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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

4...3..2.1! the making of a senior video!

To show them Deuel High School seniors off, the Deuel journalism class does senior videos! This week Jenna Freese and I will be doing Jayda Swenson's senior video. The senior video arn't just for a letter grade but they are also to show the personality of a the senior. A lot goes into making these senior videos. Before you can really start you have to find time that the person has free so that you can record. Sometimes it is kinda hard to find times because they may be busy with a job or sports and also maybe not have study hall at a time with you. After that you first start by making a list of questions. We do a mixture of questions, some funny and some serious. Some of the serious questions that Jenna and I will be asking is what do you plan to do after high school? and also Who is your role-model and why? By asking these questions you get to see what the person is like and just capture a point of view of them. Who wants a serious video? no one! so that is why we add some silly questions in the video so you can get a little laughter in there. After we record the senior answering all the question then we start the hard part! VIDEO EDITING! video editing tends to take a while, depending on how much video and answers you got. In these senior videos we usually shot for 3 minutes. Sometimes once you get all the video edited you don't meet the required length so then you have to go back and ask a few more questions. Once you get all the answers in the video and add a few slide to put the questions on there you then add some music on the still slide so it doesn't get boring. Once you are done with that all then you are done with the video. We upload our video to school tube so we can share them with anybody and everybody. All in all the senior videos arn't that bad and its actually kinda fun to see what the person will answer.
to check out other senior videos go to schooltube.com and in the search box type Deuel High School and make sure it is searching by school!

By: Jenna Freese & Ashley Roberts

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