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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Capture the Moments

"Capturing the moment," is the caption I decided to give this picture. This picture is a picture of (L to R) Brandi Barondeau and my cousin Jordan Donahue taking a rest on the couch from their wrestling match that they decided to have. Color is very easy to see in this picture and it does not have a lot of background taking away from the main focus of the photo. The rule of thirds is also defined in this picture, neither one is directly in the middle.

The picture in the left is a picture I chose to be one of the better ones that I took. I labeled the picture to "Under the waves." This picture was taken in Texas at the Gulf of Mexico. I did not take this recent, but it was a picture I had taken this last summer. I chose this one to be a better one of mine, because the texture in this picture really sticks out and you don't have to look hard to see it, it's almost like you are being able to touch it right now. The lighting in this picture also helps a lot in the texture part, it gives you ability to see the pattern very well. The light is shinning right down on the picture with no shadow.

"Enjoying the lake," is a picture of (L to R) Erin Engelkes and Brandi Barondeau out by the lake sitting out on a tree. The main thing I see in this picture is more of a frame. The tree branches in this photo give the main point a little more focus. Erin and Brandi are the main focus in the picture, but I think the small branches give a little more focus to that area, the branches are a dull color which makes the two girls stick out more.

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