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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Picture Perfect

Out of the twelve photos that I took the three best are the above shown. One of them is a picture of my flowers from prom. I think it is a good picture because it gets close to the flowers and it also somewhat uses the rule of thirds. I also think the picture really brings out the color of the flowers to make it pop, and there isn't too much stuff in the background being distracting. I tried to make sure that I used all the rules correctly and I think that this one depicts those rules nicely.
The next picture that I feel is a good one is the one of my cousin Lincoln. This is because it gets down on his level and shows him off. Another great thing about this picture is the balloon looks really cool. So not only could the picture be just of Lincoln but it could also be of the balloon, which I think looks really cool. The balloon really makes the picture interesting.
The last picture that I would choose to be the best picture is the one of Michael's (my boyfriend) sister. She is holding my flowers that I had for prom that you see in the first picture. I think it is a good picture because when it was taken the camera was on her level and not above her or below her. You get to all of her and the lighting is actually pretty good in the picture.
The reason that I chose these pictures is because I feel that they fit the rules well. They follow more rules than one all in one picture. The show how to get down on a child's level, how to use the rule of thirds, and to use the lighting to your advantage.

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