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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Bye-Bye-Bye Sophomore Year

Just thinking about next school year makes me sad. Not that I dislike school but I need my summertime first. Which I will use it for water fights, rodeo, getting a tan, laying outside looking at the stars and just being carefree! For the 2011-2012 school year shall be a good one. I'll finally be a junior and starting to think about what I want to do in college and for the rest of my life, I'm sure I'll change my mind a few times. First season for school is volleyball/cross country/ football. I'm a setter for volleyball so that will be a fun time with the bus rides, practices, and games of course. Football season is my favorite! I love being louder than the other school with cheers and just having something to do every Friday night. Plus with football there is homecoming and the dance that goes with it. I love to dance, sadly we only got homecoming and prom for dances this school year. Hopefully that will change this next year. Next winter season will be basketball/wrestling/gymnastics season. I'm a boys basketball cheerleader so I get to go to every game. This will be my third year participating in it and there surely isn't a dull moment with it all. Plus it's a fun sport to get glammed up for. Being a junior at Deuel, your class gets to plan prom for 2012. Trust me, I will be all over that! I had a great time this year going to it. Then there is golf/track season. I am surely not a golfer but I try with all my heart, and with that just watching me try you will get a laugh I'm sure. But Erin Engelkes and I are considering about joining the track team for the sweat pants and for the heck of it. We might jsut not do it and make awesome memories after school doing random things like jumping in mud puddles, chasing geese, going four wheeling and going on a lot of walks. I plan on making many memories and just living in the moment for my junior year. Shall be a good one!
The picture above is with a few of my friends (L to R): Erin, Haley, Trevor, Myself, Gage, and Brandi. This was an afternoon after we got done getting a little wet with the ranger and four wheelers!

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