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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Another year to look forward too!

Summer is just about here and I am really excited for it, but once summer ends a new year of high school begins. New classes, different levels, and different teachers will all be something to look forward to about the next school year.
I will be coming into the 2011-2012 school year as a junior. One thing I am quite excited for is being older and having more responsibility. My classes will all be different and the students in my class will all be arranged differently then this year. My schedule so far for next years school year is way different, but I am excited to be having a different schedule. Homeroom is now in the middle of the day, I will no longer have a morning study hall nor will anyone else. The one thing about my schedule that I am most excited for is having study hall my last hour of the day. Sports wise I can't wait for another season of basketball to start. The girls basketball team made history this year, when we finally got past the long lasting road block of not winning a district championship in several years. I hope that next year we will only improve and get better and not take a step backwards. The team will be strong, but it will take work and dedication, which actions will have to be taken during our summer vacation.
I am looking forward too summer, but during the summer I look forward to coming back and being around my classmates that I do not get to see during the summer months.

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