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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Business Blogging Advice

1. Make your blog catch peoples eye!
- Make your blog catch peoples eyes other wise they will not stop to see what your blog is about.

2. Give the readers an inside scoop about your product.
- Tell them what your product is all about. Give lots of details but don't repeat yourself in your posts.

3. Make links in your blog.
-Link other websites into your blog to promote your product.

4. Advertise on social networks.
- Everyone is on Facebook so advertise your blog there.

5. Link your blog with someone else's blog to get more readers.
- When another blog links your blog you will get a lot more people to read your blog. Find a blog that will link your blog.

6. Don't talk bad about other products.
- Don't talk bad about other products because it will only be bad for yourself.

7. Blog ALL the time.
- The more you blog the better. It makes your reads feel like they know you better.
8. Add pictures!
- Everyone likes to look at pictures and it will make your blog look better.

9. Good headlines.
- A good headline because if someone googles it your blog will pop up.

10. Be descriptive in your blogs.
- When posting in your blog describe what you are doing but don't run on and on forever because no one will want to read that.

By:Lexi and Paige

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