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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Blogging about Blogging

Blogging is something that you can do just for fun or to sell something. They are good for businesses to get their product out there and for people to just have a good time sharing their information. The first tip I would give to people is start easy. At the beginning of you blog, tell what your business is or what your blog is for. This will allow people to get to know you a little better to see if they want to read you blog. The second tip I would give people is to blog every day to every other day. Blog as much as possible so that people know your a regular and they can expect new information daily to every other day. The third tip from my great mind is to put pictures on your posts. The pictures add more to your story. They show that your excited about that you do and what your blogging about. Fourth on my list of tips is to make your blog look cool. If your background on your blog looks cool it makes people want to look at your page and come back again and again. Another tip might be to have interesting font on your blog. When your font and colors are interesting people want to read it more. The fifth thing I would suggest is to tell your friends about your blogging. You can put it on facebook, or any other social networking site. You can also email your friends and tell them to let other people know you have a blog to read. Tip number six of mine would be to link blogs to your blog and get people to link your blog to theirs. This will help you to get more people seeing your site and you will also help the other person gets some viewers. Number seven tip of the day would be to tell people you want them to comment on your blogs. This will help you to make your blog better and it is a good way to get constructive criticism. The next tip I would suggest using is having personal stories intertwined in your blog. If your a business you may want to tell little stories about your home life. This will make you a more relate-able person to the people viewing your blog. The tenth and final tip I would suggest is to make your blog conversational. Also with this make sure that you have good titles to your blogs. This way people will possibly finding when searching random things. Make it feel like the viewers could have a conversation with you and that you care about them. This will make people feel welcome to your sight and wanting to come back to see what you have to say.

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