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Monday, May 23, 2011

Budget Cuts

Each school is dealing with the budget cuts differently. One school in South Dakota is moving to a four day week and has to take money from an opt out fund. They are going to have to take a lot of money from the fund to make ends meet, with the budget cuts in place. Some school are even having to cut their staff down. They hoped to have some of them retire and and even have to resign. Not only does the budget cut affect the teachers it also affects the students. Schools are having to take out different classes because they can't afford to support them any longer. One of the classes being taken out are foreign languages. Along with all of that class sizes may have to get bigger. Since teachers are being cut, classes that might be split into sections, may now have to come together as a whole class. Granted, in bigger schools that won't work, but in smaller schools, that's what it may come to. Instead of going straight to cutting classes they looked to reducing the amount of staff first. People didn't want to lessen their childrens' chances of getting a good education. All in all most people aren't worried a whole lot about the cuts being made. People are going to deal with them in their own ways and everything will come just peachy.

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