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Monday, May 23, 2011

Robbery close to home

On Monday morning at 12:30a.m. a Brookings convenience store was robbed. Two people went into the convenience store with knives. One suspect threatened the clerk at the store and wanted money. Their is not a lot of information as of right now about this robbery, since it is so recent, but they are still looking for the suspects.
I think that this recent news is a little eye-opening sort of speak. Things like this happen frequently, but the thing that catches my attention the most is that it is quite close to our town. It could be quite odd for some people to think they were at one point in this convenience store or even those who were just in there right before this occurred. People think nothing about these things until it hits occurs in their town or even nearby.
It is in a way scary that these types of things happen on a daily occurrence in several places. Our town is much smaller than Brookings, but yet again, we are not too far from Brookings in distance.

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