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Monday, May 23, 2011

Children taking unneeded medication?

    I read on the CNN site about how kids are taking more and more drugs, and that ADHD has become a popular diagnoses. In the article it says in the more mild case of ADHD medication is not needed. Then the article went on to say how parents try to get medication so they don't have to deal with their children. CNN talked about a little boy who has to take 17 pills a day, because he has hallucinations and other behavioral and mental disorders. His parents went on to say how hard it was to decide whether medicating him or not was a good idea. Then they went on to say how it was a good idea that his life quality has increase, and that he feels much better and is happier.
   I don't like how people will try to get medication and then don't use it for the right uses. For example I am ADHD but I don't take Adderall because I don't need the drug. It just seems that people are becoming more and more depend it on drugs when therapy can help just as well, even more so. I think that is the first step, and if that doesn't work then go to the drugs, but don't choose the drugs first.

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