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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Better Business Blogging

When you have a business and want to attract new customers, what do you do? A definite traffic increaser is by creating a blog. Here we have the top ten tips for your business blog!

1. blog often
The more you blog, the more people will come back and check up on what you've been writing

2. Use Pictures
Pictures always make a blog more interesting, show your products off with pictures!

3. Use description
Flaunt your products and why people should be interested in your business

4. Have coupons and sales
If people can get a good deal by following your blog they will follow it more to try and get the deals!

5. Advertisement
You can upload your commercials and make people aware that you have a blog and what it has to offer.

6. Connecting with Facebook
More people can get familiar with your blog by setting up a facebook page and letting your followers or potential followers know what you're all about!

7. Make it Creative
Have a visually appealing page and interesting context will up the traffic to your blog.

8. Use Links
By linking you can be at more than one place at a time. This will increase your traffic when people see your blog potentially on another site or blog and come check yours out too!

9. Catchy Headlines
Headlines will always catch people's attention....if they're catchy. Don't state the obvious in your headlines of what your post is about. Catch them and make them want to read your blog!

10. Avoid Bias
Keep your opinions to yourself being that you are a business. Just let people know your facts and stay away trashing other businesses like yours to try and distinguish yours as better.

By: Brandi Hanten & Haley Donahue

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