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Thursday, May 5, 2011

Are you starting your own business? If so, here are some helpful tips!

If you are starting a business, what is the most important thing you should have? Personally I think that having a blog would help business owners. A blog can help you get your word out to people so they know what you are about.

1. Make your blog personal.
2. Blog at least 3 or 4 times a day.
3. Add pictures and make sure they are fun pictures to draw attention to young eyes.
4. Get to know people when they comment on your blog, if you get to know them they will keep coming back regularly.
5. You could have videos on your blog! Make the video's look unique and not just normal and boring.
6. Use your own designs. Make your webpage/website really neat and make people catch their eye on you site.
7. Keep yourself on track. By this I mean you should keep coming back and blogging so people know what you have been up to, but stay on topic and do not have just random topics.
8. Don't over due things. With this tip I mean that you should not go nuts about having your new business and just talk about that forever, people will get bored.
9. Have more than one opinion. Maybe have more people blog so you have more people having opinions.
10. Have fun with it. Have a great time and enjoy starting a business.

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