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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The 3 T's: Top Ten Tips!

By: Jenna Freese & Ashley Roberts

When blogging there is many ways that you can use it for. Some of the reasons are: Businesses, Schools, Opinions, News and ect. In this bottom list we will give out top ten tips and explain them.

1. Post your blog on a popular website.
- make a facebook page for your website.

2. Share with people
- send an email your family and friends and have them spread the word

3. Attractiveness!
- add GREAT pictures that show what you are talking about & have a eye catching back round

4. Consistency
- update blog regularly

5. opinions.
- have your opinion and thoughts so people can have a review over what it is.

6. Linking!
- link your blog on other websites and blogs and also link other blogs, this way people will see it and take a gander at your website!

7. Recipes
- if you have a baking site, add some recipes so people can give them a try and comment after they try it.

8. Comment!
- comment on other blogs so when people see that then they may visit your site.

9. Headlines
- have a catching headline. That always catches people eyes!

10. Tags!
tag keywords in the blog so when people search stuff on search engines then your blog will pop up under the related websites!

Hope these Top Ten Tips help you have an effective way on starting your blog!
Come back again :)

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