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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

With summer approaching so many people are getting summer fever! Everyone has something to look forward to, it could be a vacation or maybe having a summer job. Freshman Karina Noem is looking forward to a few things. One things is her summer job of life guarding at the pool. She also is looking forward to a few events like baseball and also the rodeo. The rodeo is one of the biggest things that people look forward to in the summer. Karina also is looking forward to the summer sun. Sophomore Dannika Vandebrake is looking forward to some different things then Karina. She is looking forward to riding her bike into town so that she can hang out with her friends. That is a great way to go hang out with your friends and also get some exercise. Somethings that everyone looks forward to is getting their license to drive and Dannika can't wait to get her license this summer! Looks like they have a lot of plans this summer!

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  1. I liked this post. I thought it was very well written and I liked how you had different colors and had a sunny picture.