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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy!

The weekend is slowly approaching and Paige Heiberger already has a busy weekend full of plans. Heiberger just can't wait for Thursday to be here and the school day to be over for that day. After school Paige will be attending golf practice, weather permitting, then that evening Paige will be attending mass at the St. Mary's Catholic Church here in Clear Lake. Friday is a day to sleep in for a few hours and catch up on her much needed sleep. Traveling with the family to her grandpa's house, where they will be spending the weekend. She will be hanging out with the family, playing cards, and having a great Easter weekend. Paige is most excited to be hanging out with her family and spending a whole weekend with those who mean the most to her. Easter Sunday her family will be returning home and Paige will be finishing up any last minute homework she may have due for Monday. Off to bed early Paige may go to sleep to catch up on her eventful weekend that may wear her out a tad bit.

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