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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Two Types

When my family and I go fishing we bring two poles for each person, cause for every one person you can have two poles in the water fishing. Two types of poles that we use are Firebird, and Slingshot. There are many different types of poles out there and I'm sure other people have their own brand of poles they like to use but I don't really have a favorite type of pole that I use. The picture to the left is an open face reel for those of you that don't fish that often.
In December I bought myself a brand new fishing pole because the pole I was using I didn't like all that well. The pole that I bought is a Slingshot. I think I bought the pole because it came with an open face reel and I liked the color that it was.

My brother used a Firebird. He has had the pole for quite some time, probably 4 years, and he has never had any problems with the pole except for the reel that came with it. The pole came with a closed face reel, along with having a closed faced reel many things can go wrong inside of it such as: the line gets all tangled up inside. He now uses a different pole but the same reel I think. If I were him I would change to an open face reel. The picture to the left is a picture of a closed face reel.

Check out this awesome blog that I found that talks about fishing!

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