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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Red Velvet Cupcakes Made It Safe & Sound!

Being the considerate person that I am I couldn't let the people that gave up chocolate for lent sit there and be tortured while the rest of us ate the chocolate cupcakes that I made on Monday night. Therefore, I waited until Wednesday to give the cupcakes to Mrs. Walder's Journalism class. I made red velvet cupcakes last night at like 10:30 and finished frosting them this morning in my homeroom. Sadly this morning it was snowing and the road was a bit slippery..next thing I know I'm in the ditch! This made the frosting on the chocolate cupcakes go on the top of the containers. Such a bummer, but luckily I loaded the frosting on each one so there is still enough. A semi went past my brother and I in my tiny white car and the windshield got covered with the slush and then my car did a 360 into the ditch across the road. Talk about a great Wednesday morning, right? Three people stopped to check on us, good to know people do care! But no worries my dad came and got us to get to school. We were five minutes past the bell and are all okay. Riley, my brother said, "It was pretty fun, but you know I'd like to be 14 before I die!" Obviously he said this after we spun into the snow covered ditch. His birthday is in 8 days so I think I can keep him breathing. Worst part about this all is that I have to ride the bus home tonight I think. Oh well, I'm still alive that is all that matters!