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Monday, April 18, 2011

Tragedy in Texas

While driving my way to school, there was news about many wildfires ravaging their way through Texas. So far today, there have been over 700,000 acres burned and 252 of 254 counties in the state have had a wildfire burn though them. The last nineteen days straight have been dry weather with absolutely no rain and winds. Although there are many different causes for the hundreds of fires, a man has been arrested for starting one. The first fire started in a homeless campground and spewed out of control. This has been the driest season since 1917.
The picture on the left is of a helicopter spraying water on fire in southwest Texas that I got from CBS News. I think it's crazy how much land area has been affected by wildfires in such a short period of time. 700,000 acres is about the size of the entire state of Rhode Island. There are people that have died from trying to fly over the fires to sightsee them from the air and their plane crashed. Workers work day and night to gain control of them, but the weather needs to cooperate for any effort to work.

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