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Monday, April 18, 2011


My family and I enjoy fishing in the Spring and Summer time. We try to go fishing every weekend in these seasons because that is when we seem to have the most luck in fishing. My dad and brother do go fishing with other friends in the winter time but never have as good of luck as we do in the Spring and Summer.
The picture to the left is of 6th grader, Justin, after a long day of fishing in a lake that is in the northern part of Deuel County. He is holding two different types of fish. The one that is laying across his arm is called a carp. I think these fish are really good when they are smoked. The fish that is going vertical is a perch. These fish are part of the walleye fish family. I would have to say that these fish are good any way. A couple ways that we make our fish at my house is fry them in a fry pan with either cracker crumbs or potato flakes, grill them on a grill or over a campfire, and we also put them in beer batter and deep fat fry them. I love all of the ways we cook fish but my favorite would have to be grilled on the grill or campfire.
This picture to the right is a picture of what my dad, brother, and neighbor came home with after 4 hours of fish at a lake in the northern part of Deuel County. In 4 hours they came home with about 36 perch. In my point of view I would say that's pretty good because most times you can sit at a lake from sun up to sun down and not come home with anything at all.

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