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Monday, April 18, 2011

Weekend comes around, what do you do?

Sophomore, Rachel Thiewes enjoys her three day weekends. She has a routine for Friday's which she sets aside for doing homework. Friday nights she enjoys watching netflix. Saturday's she enjoys being with friends and her boyfriend, Logan Tonak. Sunday's Thiewes spends the day with her parents and goes to church. Finishing homework is a must on Sunday nights for Rachel. Rachel enjoys watching netflix's, having lazy days, and being energetic with her friends. This weekend Thiewes plans on spending a lot of quality time with her family over the Easter Holiday. To make the time to go by Rachel will be with friends and having a grand time. Movies may be in the agenda for this weekend to come. Rachel says she would really enjoy a night in a hot tub, she tells us she is quite exhausted and it would feel quite nice. Rachel in her free time this weekend will be crocheting Martha Hartway a nice afghan. Picture to the left is (L to R)Martha Hartway and Rachel Thiewes.

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  1. That sounds like an amazing weekend to me!