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Monday, April 11, 2011

To the Literature books

This week in Mrs. Walder's tenth grade comp/speech class has started a new project in a new book. The students have all been separated into groups of two and maybe even a few groups of three. Groups are then to choose a short story in their literature books and basically teach back the story to the entire class. Requirements that have to be met in Mrs. Walders class room are, all vocab. terms must be defined, they must creat some kinda of presentation to give to the class, write a script and hand it in to Mrs. Walder and they must also create some kind of worksheet for the class to complete. Monday was a workday for all the students to work in their groups. Tuesday is also a work day, but their will be several students gone, due to State FFA, track in Estelline, and Golf at Clark. Groups were chose accordingly so they could work around this and be able to get class time to work on their presentations with their group member or members.
My partner is Gage Schake. Today we got a lot done in class. We started with finishing up
our questions that were to be handed in by the end of class. Once we were done with those we
started preparing our presentation, which we made in prezi. We also got our worksheet done
that the class will complete when we present. Say the least Gage and I got our whole project
done today with the class time Mrs. Walder gave us.

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