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Monday, April 11, 2011

New Project in Comp/Speech

Last Wednesday in Ms. Egger's 6th hour comp/speech class, Ms. Egger's introduced a new project for her students. This project consisted of students getting into groups of 2 or 3 and then reading a short story out of the literature books. The students were advised to create a powerpoint including the author of the story, the plot, some questions from the end of the story, and a few other odds and ends information from the story. If the students decided to be in a group of 3, they also had to create a book release of the story, that groups of 2 didn't have to do. The students had to do one last thing with their presentation. They had to create a worksheet for the other students to do. Each day, one group will present their projects, and after everyone is done, there will be a test over every story.
Today my group of Lexi, Sam, and me presented our project. The story we chose was Through the Tunnel. It was about a boy who wanted to do what other boys were doing, so he was persistent and finally achieved what he wanted to do. We created a powerpoint and a book release, and then we gave the other students a worksheet for them to do.

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