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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Spring has Sprung

Today the weather is sunny with a high of 57 degrees. Although the temperature is pretty warm, the wind was a little chilly. I hate it when it's a nice day, but then it's windy, it definitely ruined. I hate wind, but I guess this is South Dakota. Today actually felt like spring has finally sprung! I did wear flip-flops today, so I guess that is an improvement, I miss my flip-flops. I wore sweatpants and a t-today, which was a little chilly for the weather. I can't wait until I can wear shorts and tanks, or better yet, I just want summer.
Tonight the forecast calls for it to be mostly cloudy with a low of 35 degrees. Tomorrow there is suppose to be a high of 51 degrees, but I guess we'll see how tomorrow turns out when that comes!

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