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Monday, April 4, 2011

What did you eat?

On Thursday, March 31 I had a lots of good food to eat. I had cheerios for breakfast, one of my favorite breakfasts. That breakfast goes along with the toast I talked about all week. For lunch I had a chicken patty on a bun! It was really good, I didn't got to the salad bar this day because I had to go to a NHS meeting during lunch. It was kind of sad, because I was still hungry. For supper I had pizza! It was really good and I wanted to eat more than the two pieces I had but that would have been being greedy. After that I had some M&M's. The reason for the M&M's was because I really wanted some candy and that's what Andrew gave me. I went to the key club carnival that night where I had some milk duds and some tootsie rolls to tide me over. I also had a bag of popcorn that was very delicious. I do believe that is all that I ate that day, but it was all so good.

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