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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Snuggle Buddy

As people evolve we like to make different aspects of our lives more convenient. Of course, this means someone came up with an original idea to put sleeves on a blanket! The Snuggie, came under a lot of speculation when they first came out a couple years ago. Many people thought they were just a backwards robe.
I, on the other hand, bought a Snuggie and love it! I was kind of mad because after I bought a plain, blue one at Wal-Mart, they started making different patterns and colors. I don't think I'd pay a whole lot to buy a special one off the Internet though. I recently brought my Snuggie on a long car ride down to Kansas and it was a lot more convenient than a regular blanket. I really don't think they're as awesome and cool as the commercials make them sound. I mean I don't think I'd get caught dead wearing my Snuggie to a football game, but overall I think it was a good invention. And whoever made it obviously wasn't dumb cause he's making the money.

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