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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Farmer Boy

What do you do during the summer? Well this summer Brent Krause is working on his farm with brother and father. This summer he will be involved in basketball camps and he will also be on the Teener A baseball team. "I am looking forward to this summer because it will be a really fun summer and I will have tons to do all the time. It will be nice to be able to work at home because then I can get my stuff done and still be able to hang out with friends," Krause said. He will be working everyday and earning a money this summer for college and other expenses.The best part about summer is being able to hang out with your friends and having fun.
Another major thing about summer is staying in shape. Brent will be going to as many basketball camps as possible because it is his favorite sport and he enjoys it. "I am looking forward to going to the lake a lot this summer with my friends and my brother Adam, because last summer Adam and I took our boat out and it was a lot of fun," Krause said.
Summer is about a month away and school can not go fast enough. Many students have summer fever. The seniors only have nineteen days left and they are out a whole week before the rest of us, which really stinks. The picture above is what Brent will be working with all summer on his farm.

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