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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Rain Rain Rain

All we hear about these days is rain. It is getting really old having that have practices in side for both golf and track. The golfers have only had three meets this year and the track runners have only had the chance to go to three gold meets as well. It is getting really hard to stay positive about the golf meets, that is my personal opinion. When it constantly rains everything is gloomy. The golf meets have been interesting so far. We have gotten to go to Clark and Lake Poinsett twice. The Lake Poinsett meets were very different and they were only three days apart. Last thursday it was down pooring and miserable to golf in. It was terribly cold and everyone there were walking really fast and rushing like every one of their shots just to get into the club house. The boys golfed nine holes and the girls golfed seven. Kali, Stacey and I all tied for first place golfing a thirty-five. The boys won that tournament too. Yesterday, was a ton better for us golfers. It was beautiful and it was really fun. There were at least ninety people at the meet yesterday, it was LCC. Both the boys and girl swept the LCC title and brought it home to Deuel. Kali Trautman golfed a 63 yesterday on 16 holes it was awesome. She beat everyone participating yesterday, both boys and girls. Kali got 1st, I got 3rd, Jayda got 8th, and Stacey got 9th. For the boys Lincoln Swenson brought home the gold metal for the boys. Mr. Lundberg was really happy with all of us and it was nice to get out on the golf course when the sun was shining.

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